Industrial Grease
Automotive Grease
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 210 litr
  • Supply Ability: 20 Litr
Our company is recognized as one of the well established manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and traders of Automotive Grease. This grease is utilized in lubricating and protecting gears that are exposed to thrust loads, heavy loads and extreme temperatures. Provided grease offers better adherence to the gear surface and extends the functional life of numerous vehicles and machinery. The provided automotive grease is processed using quality-examined crude oils and other ingredients with leading processing techniques.
Grease Steel-2
High-performance specialty grease SVD Energy Pvt Ltd Grease Steel-2 Is designed to extend the service life of the bearings in a heavy-duty application and elevated temperature. This grease matches the rugged service requirements of rolling mills. Load-carrying and antiwear capabilities of these grease along with high performance are the superior load-carrying/ antiwear characteristics and excellent water resistance to cold and hot water are a result of chemical additives. These additives are dispersed uniformly throughout the grease attributing. Read More
Grease HT-2
High level of shear stability because AW and EP additives give high-temperature grease SVD Energy Pvt Ltd Grease HT-2 a long life and its basic structure of mix complex thickener gives it high-temperature stability. Grease is a semi-solid product of dispersion of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant together with additives that give special properties. The structure of the grease allows the lubricant to remain in a solid-state until the shear stress between the surface reaches a certain level and grease begins to flow. Read More