Grease HT-2
Grease HT-2
High level of shear stability because AW and EP additives give high-temperature grease SVD Energy Pvt Ltd Grease HT-2 a long life and its basic structure of mix complex thickener gives it high-temperature stability.
Grease is a semi-solid product of dispersion of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant together with additives that give special properties. The structure of the grease allows the lubricant to remain in a solid-state until the shear stress between the surface reaches a certain level and grease begins to flow.
Product Description
How to Select a High-Temperature Grease
Follow these steps when selecting a high-temperature grease:
  • Determine the real temperature range. The operating temperature may be less than what it seems. Use contact or non-contact sensor to measure the operating temperature of the grease.
  • Is it intermittent or continuous? If it is continuous, then look for a top-tier product that meets the operational requirements.
  • Do heating and cooling cycles accompany machinery operating and non-operating intervals? Consider if moisture may be induced through either atmosphere or impingement.
  • What is the reasonable relubrication interval or opportunity? If relubrication is going to be difficult, then consider a top-tier product to achieve a lower use cost even though it’s more expensive.
  • Consider any cosmetic issues. Can the product drip onto a component in the process? Relubrication frequency and volume must be balanced against product contamination issues.
Additional Information

Visual, Blue


Smooth & Buttery

Type of soap

Actual , Mix complex thickener

NLGI Grade

ASTMD 217 / DIN 51818 , 2

Operation temperature Range °C

-20 to > 260°C

Four ball weld load N/Cm2

IP – 239 , 6000

Dropping Point °C

NFT 60 – 627 , 318 °C

K. Viscosity of base oil at 40 °C mm2/s(cSt)

ASTM D445 , 220 / 460 Cst

Timken ok load, is


Water wash out

1% Max.