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Company Profile

SVD Energy Private Limited is a Rudrapur- based company, The organization is one of the eminent manufacturers, works as manufacturers, exporters, distributors, traders, wholesalers and suppliers of Lubricants & Chemicals, Turbine Oils,Engine Oils, Shuttering Oils, Cutting Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, High Temperature Oils, Quenching Oils, Marine Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils. Also deals in products like Shell, Mobil, BPCL, IOCL, IPOL, Apar Petroleum, Gulf, HPCL, Castrol, Valvoline. We are customer oriented company that is why completely focus on providing quality products to our customers, therefore the whole process of manufacturing consists of the combination of latest technologies and a team of experts which enables us to meet all quality standards. The guidance of company CEO- Mrs. Sunita Sharma , High innovation rates and premium quality products are few reasons behind the growing success and an opportunity to export our products to countries like :- Bangladesh, Nepal.


Engine Oils

  • Engine Oil 15W 40
  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil 20W 40
  • Diesel Engine Oil.
  • Light Diesel Oil

Shuttering Oils

  • Shuttering Oil - Oil Based Non Stainable
  • Mould Release Agent
  • Mould Release Oil
  • Shuttering Oil
  • Shuttering Oil Hydro Base
  • Shuttering Grease

Cutting Oils

  • Soluble Cutting Oil
  • Straight Cutting Oil
  • Two Stroke Engine Oil
  • Four Stroke Engine Oil

Industrial Gear Oils

  • Industrial Gear Oils
  • Compressor Oil

High Temperature Oils

Quenching Oils
Marine Engine Oils
Hydraulic Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluids

Turbine Oils

Automotive Gear Oils
Air Compressor Oils
Transformer Oils

Refrigeration Compressor Oils

  • Refrigeration Compressor Oils
  • Refrigeration Compressors Oil

Screw Compressor Oils

Vacuum Oils
White Oils
  • Cosmetic White Oils
  • Textile White Oils
  • Garment Industries White Oils

Rust Preventive Oils

  • Solvent Based Rust Preventive Oils
  • Rust Based Preventive Oils
Rubber Processing Oils
Industrial Greases
  • Lubricating Grease
  • Automotive Grease
  • High Temperature Grease
  • Special Grade Grease

Spindle Oils

Machining Oils
Petroleum Products
Spark Erosion EDM Oil
Heat Transfer Thermic Fluids Oils

Grease for Wheel Bearings and Chassis

  • Grease for Wheel Bearings and Chassis
  • Automotive Grease
  • Lubricating Greases
  • Compressor Lubricants

Mould Release Agents

  • Shuttering Oil