ReCon DG Sets
Remanufactured Genset-The Genuinely Better Choice
Competing in today’s business environment requires better equipment utilization. That’s why reducing equipment downtime is a critical focus area for Cummins. Responding to the need of equipment uptime and high quality maintenance, Cummins has introduced a line of factory remanufactured Gensets ready for immediate installation.
That’s genuine Cummins
Remanufactured products are not simply repaired or rebuilt; they are remanufactured in factories around the world that use internationally recognized quality certification standards such as ISO 9000.
Why choose remanufactured gensets?
  • Value for money
  • Fast turnaround for your equipment with products that are ready for installation
  • Improved performance and fuel economy with optimum reliability and durability
  • Avoids unexpected failures and provides better uptime
  • Available off-the-shelf
  • Easy core exchange criteria
Why remanufactured is a good step forward for a responsible and sustainable business
  • A commitment to a cleaner environment
  • Reduction in green house gases
  • Requires about 85% less energy than manufacturing a new component
  • Results in less landfill space used and reduced water usage
  • Re-manufacturing is a green solution that also delivers high quality and cost effective means of extending your engine life